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The Pursuit of less

redfining slow fashion

Fashion reimagined for real change.

Our mission? Timeless pieces that matter. No more disposable trends. We focus on quality, craftsmanship, and epic designs.

Beeglee is all about simplicity and sustainable style.

Join us, as we rewrite the fashion rulebook and make a difference.

we make

Meaningful Essentials

We’re building a permanent collection of zero-compromise pieces, made under full transparency and with lifecycle responsibility. We can’t live without clothing, but we can live with a lot less and a lot better clothing, by choosing better and making the pieces we invest in count.

We reduce fashion’s impact

Buy Smarter , Wear Longer


Made to last

Keeping it Versatile

Buy Less , But Better

We know you roll in a crowd where you're judged for repeating your outfits. So we make extremely versatile fits where you've the opportunity to style it in so many ways. Create your endless new looks with the same fits.

Together, at every step


Reducing fashion’s impact takes steely determination and strong collaboration. We love that actions speak louder than words. Together with our partners, we’re acting, from reducing fashion waste, adapting our designs, packaging and delivery.We accept that we are a small start - but through our collaborations we bring about bigger change. Together, we are accelerating towards a circular fashion future.